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About Us

Our Goal is...

To offer high-quality equipment involving conveying systems, production support equipment, process automation and installation services for container manufacturers and fillers.

Since 1962...

Sardee has over 5 decades of serving the container industry by building the finest production-assisting equipment available. Our equipment allows manufacturing and filling facilities to achieve their lowest production cost and maximum efficiency.

Sardee has built handling and conveying equipment for steel and aluminum can bodies, steel and aluminum ends, caps, cups, plastic and glass bottles. We also have a full line of Palletizer and Depalletizer Systems as well as can curing and end drying systems. Sardee manufactures all types of magnetic, vacuum and air conveyors.

We can design, manufacture, install and service a complete material handling system to meet your needs. We can also provide pre-engineered individual machines fitted to your size and speed range.

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